About Us

Rubberlite provides a unique portfolio of flexible material solutions for a wide array of markets and applications.

Rubberlite, Inc. is the recognized leader of converted cellular rubber and plastic products as well as manufacturer of custom-engineered polyurethane foams and flexible composite systems. We use our technologies and development expertise to provide a portfolio of material solutions across three strategically aligned areas of our business: Industrial Rubber and Plastics, Engineered Foams, and Technical Composites.

Industrial Rubber and Plastic Solutions

Industrial Rubber and Plastic products provided by Rubberlite are an efficient and cost-effective solution for gasketing, sealing, cushioning, insulating and gap filling applications – to name a few. As an authorized distributor for the top manufacturers of cellular rubber and plastic foams, we utilize our best in class converting technologies to manufacture continuous roll and sheet goods for a number of markets and applications requiring specification-driven, precision parts. Quality products, exceptional service, and quick delivery of a diverse product line are the foundation of our business.

Engineered Foam Solutions

Rubberlite is an innovator in polyurethane foam manufacturing, offering a robust line of foams for high-performance applications. Our HyPUR-cel® polyurethane foam products are flexible, low-profile material solutions that meet the needs of a wide array of markets and end-uses including footwear, recreational, apparel, medical, automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. Whether you need materials for high mechanical performance, cushioning or comfort, Rubberlite develops unique, open-cell specialty foams that are durable and reliably consistent.

Technical Composite Solutions

At Rubberlite, we integrate our technologies and expertise to design technical composite solutions that couple the best materials with innovative functionality. Technical composites combine all the benefits of a variety of function-specific materials into one multi-layer system making their application versatile and cost effective. Through the use of our state-of-the-art laminating and foam finishing technologies, a virtually endless combination of flexible material composites exist for providing design flexibility, product differentiation, and repeatable and reliable performance.