ISO Certified

Rubberlite, Inc. received ISO 9001 certification effective December 23, 2002. This certification applies to the design and manufacture of converted cellular rubber and plastic products. Processes include:

Building value, integrity and durability into each Rubberlite product and process is the goal for our Quality Resource department. Please feel free to utilize this department regarding:

View our ISO 9001 Certification.

A2LA Accredited Lab

Certificate #1434-01: To supplement our already broad range of services available to you, we're pleased to announce the accreditation of our physical properties testing laboratory by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation. Effective December 29, 1999, accredited testing covered by the mechanical field as defined by A2LA Accredited is available. Designed to support a higher level of service to you, please refer to our Scope of Accreditation listing for specific tests offered by Rubberlite.

View our scope of accreditation and lab certificate.