I –Series

I –Series is a microcellular polyether-based polyurethane foam technology with wide range of density and firmness options from a single chemistry and formulary.

  • Outstanding high temperature compression set performance
  • Highly advantaged compression fatigue performance
  • Initial product offerings range in density from 7 – 20 lbs./Ft.3


Demonstrates exceptional high temperature compression set performance while maintaining excellent tensile, tear, and elongation properties.

  • Competitive alternative for mechanically frothed foams.
  • Allows for down gauging in many applications
  • Enables the use of lower density products to achieve performance targets for many applications.

Demonstrates exceptional Cyclic Compression Fatigue performance for applications such as insoles.

  • Lab tests indicate a substantial improvement over mechanically frothed foams.

Provides a cost effective alternative to mechanically frothed foams.

  • Free-rise production with skiving to engineered thicknesses.

Versatile and diverse products for broad range of applications:

  • Available in a wide range of densities and compression deflections.
    • Product line will expand further as commercial implementation matures.
  • Available with highly effective antimicrobial additive.
  • Meets flammability requirements of FMVSS 302.
    • FR grades available.

Meets the requirements of UL-94HBF at a minimum thickness based on density

Property Sheets

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