Data pulled is based on typical
property sheets minimum to
maximum ranges.

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Physical Properties


Compression Deflection (CD) ASTM D3574
psi kPa
Compression Force Deflection (CFD) ASTM D3574
psi kPa
Compression Set ASTM D3574
% %
Compression Set ASTM D1056
% %
Density ASTM D3574
pcf Kg/M3
Elongation ASTM D3574
% %
Resilience ASTM D2632
% %
Tensile Strength ASTM D3574
psi kPa
Tear Strength ASTM D624
lb/in Kn/m


This information is furnished as a guide for selecting materials. Rubberlite Inc. disclaims liability for results or use of this information. It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain and test samples when determining suitability of material for a particular application.