Engineered Foam Solutions

Rubberlite has been an innovator of engineered polyurethane foams since 1997. The technology has evolved to include a portfolio of products to service a broad range of markets and applications. With the trade name HyPUR-cel®, the portfolio consists of five distinct families of microcellular polyurethane flexible foam. An essential component of the Technology centers on novel and effective nucleation free of external blowing agents and solvents. The resulting open-cellular polyurethanes are robust breathable foams with a multitude of performance characteristics. HyPUR-cel® Technology facilitates cost-effective customization for performance and product distinction. This includes options such as anti-microbial additives for footwear and medical, flame retardants for automotive and industrial, firmness modifications, and color development.

Offered in the broadest combinations of density and thickness, HyPUR-cel® is custom skived through Rubberlite’s state of the art converting equipment.  Higher densities are not required with a diminishing thickness which affords substantial savings opportunities when compared to other polyurethane foam technologies.


Rubberlite HyPUR-cel® Technology provides cost-effective solutions for your foam performance requirements.  Five distinct families of foam enable the end-user to optimize foam selection based on performance, cost, and competitive advantage.

All products are offered in standard 60” wide rolls with custom widths available, all skived to meet Rubberlite’s exemplary thickness tolerances. Fabrics, adhesives, films or foam composites are available from our lamination department enhancing product design and performance.

For footwear, medical, industrial, orthopedic soft goods, automotive, electronics, aerospace, protective equipment and more, HyPUR-cel® can be a cost-effective solution.

Physical characteristics of all HyPUR-cel® grades:

  • Ultra-low compression set
  • Breathable/open-cell
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Custom converted thicknesses

Other formulations and additives:

  • Fire retardant
  • Anti-microbial
  • Custom colors


  • Available in a broad range of densities
  • Customization readly available
  • Excellent compression fatigue performance
  • Excellent high-temperature compression set resistance


  • High-resiliency
  • Low hysteresis loss
  • Exceptional compression fatigue
  • Outstanding high energy return performance


  • Excellent stretch and recovery
  • Unmatched memory
  • Superior breathability
  • Thermo-formable


  • Broad range of firmness options available as standard products
  • Tintable foam product offers custom applications
  • Thermo-formable
  • Highly versatile for applications ranging from industrial to footwear


  • Visco-elastic polyurethane foam
  • Characterized by low resiliency energy absorption
  • Excellent for pressure point managements in comfort applications
  • Superior shock and vibration-attenuation


Adding PUR-Mount® to your corrugated plate mounting package provides the following benefits:

  • You have a choice of open-cell polyurethane foam with:
    • PSA and release liner to make your own structure
    • 10 mil PET substrate
    • 30 mil PVC substrate
  • The cushion mitigates imperfections in the substrate – the corrugated board
  • Less heavy impression settings are needed to print “the valleys” in the corrugated flutes
  • The cushion provides even support for line work, fine dots and solids
  • Less dot gain, less pinholing of solids and improved SID
  • Graphics are produced clear and detailed even on rough surfaces
  • Printed lines, bars and dots have little distortion allowing for excellent readability of codes
  • Print speeds can be improved, board crush is eliminated, plates last longer
  • Impression range is improved and issues like banding due to press bounce are eliminated