Technical Composite Solutions

At Rubberlite, we integrate our technologies and expertise to design technical composite solutions that couple the best materials with innovative functionality. Technical composite solutions refer to a broad class of multi-layer products that are designed and engineered to meet stringent requirements for an array of markets and end uses. With an extensive background in material science, combined with our advanced lamination and coating technologies, Rubberlite creates high performing, specialty material composites for demanding applications. 


Rubberlite’s laminating expertise provides the capability to laminate most any cellular foam with a wide variety of substrates including fabrics and films. Additionally, we can laminate fabric to fabric or foam to foam for dual function or dual density applications. Our lamination systems provide a nearly endless variety of combinations with incredible performance standards.

Our lamination composite products offer:

  • Lamination of stretch and non-stretch fabrics
  • Lamination of films, nonwovens & vinyls
  • Foam to foam (dual density)
  • Fabric to fabric (dual function)
  • Continuous composite rolls up to 60” wide
  • Solvent-free adhesive packages: PUR, PSA and water-based
  • Excellent bonds
  • Wide variety of stock fabrics

Rubberlite’s proprietary systems and expertise in bonding solutions afford our customers a single source for design, development and supply of high performing laminated composite materials. Our lamination capabilities maximize efficiency for our clients, providing unmatched quality, low minimums and quick delivery.

Unique to Rubberlite is our ability to recommend and provide access to our vast inventory of elastomeric compounds, plastic foams and wide selection of HyPUR-cel®. This vertically-integrated level of service has earned Rubberlite the reputation as a market leader for manufacturing laminated composite solutions.

A partial listing of applications include:

  • Orthopedic soft goods
  • Medical and health equipment
  • Automotive
  • Industrial belting
  • Equestrian
  • Shoe insoles
  • Outdoor equipment
  • Orthotics
  • Ergonomic/safety
  • Sporting goods
  • Computer and technology accessories

Functional Coatings

Coating Solutions for High Performance Composites

As a manufacturer of high performance technical composites, Rubberlite offers polymer coating solutions found in a variety of markets and end-uses. Our coating technologies consist of combining the benefits of function-specific foams and textiles with advanced polymer formulations that work together to create unique end products. Enhancing mechanical properties while achieving desirable look and feel characteristics is the primary focus of these customer-driven products. 

Functional Polymer Coatings

Functional coatings are engineered for a broad range of physical properties and surface features. All are aqueous-based formulations that are eco-friendly and scalable with a variety of additives, modifiers and fillers that result in enhanced functionality to meet demanding design requirements.

Our polymer coatings are used to develop new products or complement existing materials for improving several functional and aesthetic properties, such as variable hand, durability, water repellency, breathability, flame retardancy, anti-microbial protection, slip resistance, elasticity, as well as tinted surface textures and designs.

From simple to complex, design engineers have relied on Rubberlite to provide technical composites for enhancing the performance and visual appeal of materials in the sports/outdoor apparel, footwear, medical soft goods, industrial, automotive, and building and construction markets.

Typical Coating Applications and Benefits

  • Stable foam coatings – for an enhanced soft touch, conformance and cushioning
  • Durability coatings – for extending end product life/use
  • Flame retardant/anti-microbial coatings – for improving safety and protection
  • Anti-slip coatings – for controlling coefficient of friction and resisting migration
  • Nonstick coatings – for resisting adhesive bonding or blocking
  • Raised print – for increasing airflow, adding texture and design aesthetics