Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions from Rubberlite

Rubberlite offers a unique portfolio of microcellular polyurethane foams to meet demanding requirements across a diverse range of applications. Under the trademark of HyPUR-cel®, Rubberlite has engineered a broad range of polyurethane products unconstrained by systems house chemistries and free of external blowing agents. This makes for a versatile and environmentally friendly process poised to meet industry demands with the broadest ranges of density, firmness, and thickness in the microcellular industry.

In addition to an extensive list of standard products, Rubberlite can custom engineer foams to specific physical property and performance targets. By developing and maintaining ownership of the process and composition technologies intrinsic to HyPUR-cel®, new products can be readily developed from the formularies that make up the portfolio of S-Series, T-Series, I-Series, R-Series, and V-Series.

Combined with substantial in-house value-add capabilities, Rubberlite’s polyurethane foam technology offers a comprehensive solution based approach to product development and design.

In addition to custom colors and physical properties, a number of highly functional additives can be incorporated for specific performance requirements. These include:

Function Nomenclature Function
Anti-microbial additives AM Bacterial and fungal control within the matrix of the foam
UV absorbers and stabilizers UV Prevents accelerated yellowing and degradation caused by UV Light
Colorfast black pigment CB Typically used in high UV exposure applications to maximize color fastness
Dispersed micronized rubber GT® Commonly used to incorporate recycle content

Further expanding product differentiation and design, Rubberlite has developed extensive capabilities in functional coatings for foams and textiles. With state of the art process equipment, formulation and application expertise has been developed to not only compliment the performance benefits of HyPUR-cel®, but diversify into sophisticated textile surface modifiers and emulsion-based mechanically frothed thin layer foams.

With the implementation of new value-add propositions in coatings and laminations, combined with the mature and well-known foam technologies, Rubberlite is well positioned to provide customer solutions in foam design, technical composites, and novel textile coatings applications.